Saturday, January 18, 2014

Admission to Nursery : Do you know the “Point Based System”?

Well after reading the first part of the sure all your good..bad..sad experiences would have passed in front of your eyes at one glance like a film strip…if you were given a would never ever miss even a single opportunity to share your experiences & a bit of Gyaan for the future parents to be :) sure you will agree with me for having any or all of these experiences… 
- Doing all the base work like which schools are good, confusion about CBSC or ICSC...when do they give form..what visiting..etc
- Fighting with your manager to get a leave for this imp day to go to School...
- Missing your key meetings at office...& standing in Queue for hours to get the form
- Exactly when your turn came the counter was closed & you were asked to come tomorrow, On the next day you were told that the forms are over! so was your leaves at office! :( 
- You were got the form, filled it & submitted it but didn’t get a seat :(
- You were super lucky…you got a seat but the Fee was so heavy…You would tell at least 10 people that your entire education was completed with less than the amount what you are paying for your kid's one year nursery :)

As you know every year b/t Sept to Dec most of the schools issues application forms for nursery admission…parents apply at 3-4 schools..hoping at least in one school it will click! Dec - Jan end results would be out….if your kid has made it to the school…WoW! Congratulations! It’s a Happy Beginning…if not…its a scary situation for parents as they would undergo the above said experience cycle one/more time! :)

Well we had applied for a nursery seat in our neighborhood school for our daughter. Results were out yesterday, guess what?! she got a seat :) we had been to school for collecting additional forms & kit..etc..while we were in queue waiting for our turn to come,  a person was completely upset as his kid didn’t get a seat, he was expressing his angst so politely with the School Admission person…few words from their conversation like “Ganguly Commission Report…point based system” caught our attention. Also it was displayed on the notice board…

Inquest to know about it lead me to write this article..

Ganguly Commission came out with a Recommendation Report in 2006-2007 to fine tune the Nursery Admission process in Private Schools with it’s a point based system. Few salient features are:

School should not be conducting any interview/tests or any kind of interactions (formally or informally) with the kids for the admission.

School should have an uniform & transparent admission process with standardized registration form & scheduled timelines

They should use 1 to 100 point scale system with weightages given to different eligibility criterion like Neighborhood, Education Qualifications of parents, Sibling studying in the same school, if parent/s is Alumni, Physically challenged Children, Girl Child & some points are reserved for School Specific parameters.
Let’s look at what points are given for each component:

While it’s a systematic approach for a fact based selection process…still there seems to be a lot of critics about the criteria & weightages. If you are interested google it to read further.
After knowing this point based system..the next question is.. what are the different admission processes & systems are being used in other countries for the nursery admission… 
Hope this article was informative :) feel free to leave your comments/experiences relating to this topic.


Raju said...

It's indeed an informative and partly welcome move!!!! Considering a case where the parent/s not educated but wanted to get their kid a good education, where they will go???
Another case, I hve seen some expats taking responsible to educate their maid's kid for education how this system will accomodate??!????
In a nutshell a welcome move but I'm concerned about equal education system!!!!!
Great job savitha...!!!!

SavithaSR said...

Thanks Raju for sharing your thoughts.. :) certainly its a welcome move. earlier our perception about getting a seat in private school was either through "heavy donation/Recommendation" but now knowing the system is an eye opener..! :)