Monday, September 15, 2014

Words per minute(WPM)!

Sometime back I was converting one of the podcast to text. All it needed was to plugin my ears to headphone, listen to the conversation & start writing it on a paper. Later to type it in Baraha (Kannada language software).

I decided to follow the below process steps:
1. Play the podcast , listen to a single line of conversation
2. Stop the player
3. Repeat the liner & write it on the paper

It was just around 16 mins podcast i thought i could do it in 30 mins, i started following the above 3 steps.... time went on and on and on....Well i was completely wrong on my 30 minutes estimate!

Then i realized i wasn't writing at the same speed as i was listening to! There was a gap in listening, repeating & writing, then came across this learning, that its measured in Number of Words per Minute (WPM) the count varies based on the below actions....

Listening  - 350 to 400 Words per minute
Reading   - 200 to 250 WPM 
Speaking  -100 to 125 WPM
Writing     -  25 to   30 WPM

It was surprising to know this fact and as well to know that our educational system focuses heavily on Reading, Writing, Speaking but did we ever learn how to effectively listen?? even if we retrospect in our lives, every day scenarios, meetings, conversations.....everybody wants to speak, throw their ideas, share their views, experiences....but do we actually listen to others completely? or would we be in a hurry..waiting for our turn to throw our words....?!

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