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Catacombs is in the official Paris City Museum list, it was opened to public only from 2009. You know what?!!.. it holds 6-7 million human bones & skulls!!!

First things first!! It’s scary but adventurous!! Strictly not suggested for Kids, people with weak heart, respiratory problems and low mobility.

At any point of time only 200 visitors can enter, so you might have to wait in the queue for some time. While we were in the queue, got to see an artist making portrait using paper & cutter.. it was amazing…!

Once you enter the main gate you can buy your ticket. Full Entry Fee is 8€, you get an audio guide for additional 3€. 
Your Scary Journey STARTS NOW.....

You need to take a narrow spiral stone stare case & descend 130 stairs below the ground level (20 meters/ equal to 5 story building!!). It’s like a Trans! You really would want to get down as fast as possible as you would have acquired a momentum but the stairs never ends!! Once you  reach the last step you got to walk for approximately 2 kilo meters, for the first 1.5 km it’s so dark, you see a dim lights here & there, path is quite muddy & stony with lot of twists & turns…the only sound you hear is water dripping down the walls. It’s quite cold as it’s maintained at constant 14C.

You enter the hall full of 6-7 million human skulls & bones arranged both sides of the wall in a very artistic way - heart shaped, barrel shaped, Cross shaped…ets. In sideways you get to see rusted locked gates which are not open for public. The skulls are of different shapes & sizes. Each skull has an history, Some skulls are neat, some have hole (by the bullet shoot!), some are a completely wounded (hard hit with a weapon!), my doctor hubby was explaining how that person would have died with what kind of injury. Good place for forensic Science Students!! After walking for some time you really become so silent & can hear your own breathing!

Once you reach the end, the real adventure starts!! You got to CLIMB UP 83 stairs to reach ground floor!! That’s super scary as your breathing speed increases; legs starts trembling, you would want the stairs to end as early as possible but oh gosh!! It never ends!!! We took around an hour to finish our trip.

Catacombs are listed in the “World’s top 10 scariest places to visit”. Memories of Catacomb will haunt you so sure!!

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