Monday, October 6, 2014

Travel..Travel around the World!

If its your first international travel this article will help you. Traveling abroad is not that tedious, it’s very simple & easy one only if you plan it.

1. Few Nations will give you "Visa on Arrival" otherwise you need a valid visa for traveling. You can apply on your own or if you are not that confident...there are many Travel Agencies who would help you on this process.

2. Book a Hotel & Travel Tickets well in advance as they are required docs during the VISA process.

3. You get a Visa interview appointment, where you need to be present & answer the questions like what’s the purpose of your Travel, How long & where you would stay..etc

4. Post interview you will receive your passport with VISA stamped.

5. I always believe “Fail to Plan is a perfect Plan to Fail” make your plan a solid one with the 5W1H....  

6. Now all the information is available on net, brows through the main attractions, Monuments, Museums, Art Galleries, visiting timings, entrée fee ,Must visit places /what not to miss & Most happenings of the place, weather forecast, any vaccination ……

7. Buy currency of that nation, can have some cash in hand & preloaded Debit cards. Now we have international Credit cards as well. Have some buffer just in case of emergency/for shopping!! :)

8. Plan & buy your Medical/Travel Insurance, Sim card/activate your International roaming

9. Write down/print some basic lines to converse…Familiarize yourself with the basic conversing words & sentences 

10. Pack your travel bags with Dresses, Thermals/sweaters/coats Warm clothing, shoes, Medicine, Maps, Travel Itinerary, Imp contact numbers, of course never forget to carry a Dairy & your Camera….

11. Make your travel…See new places, Be open to new experiences, New food, Culture, Weather, Life style….. Be there in that moment Totally & Enjoy! Am sure when you will never be the same person but a different one with loads of new experiences.

12. Enjoy your travel, come back & share your pics & experiences with people around you

Somebody had shared this beautiful write up as a mail forward, it has amazing message which inspires you to travel around the world!

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